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2011/2012 Volunteers


Thank you 2011/2012
CIFST Volunteers!

It's National Volunteer Week (April 15 - 21).  What better occasion to thank the many National and Section volunteers who have contributed to the success of CIFST during 2011/2012.  CIFST is a member-driven association and could not function without the participation of dozens of volunteers.  CIFST extends its sincerest thanks to everyone who contributed their time and expertise to CIFST this past year!


Board of Directors
Executive Committee
Rotimi Aluko                    University of Manitoba
Phillip Lee Wing              The Food Development Group
Charles Powell                Manitoba Agriculture, Food 
                                       and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI)

Louis Ayotte                   Windsor Salt
Ed Charter
                      Bio | Food | Tech
Steve Cui                        Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Belinda Elysée-Collen     International Sugars

2012 Conference Committee
Phillip Lee Wing              The Food Development Group
Steve Cui                        Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Melissa Beausoleil           Bonnie & Don Flavours Inc.
Arlene Cameron              ACCE International
Mario Colombo                L.V. Lomas Limited
Tanya Der                       Pulse Canada
VJ Dhanraj                      Brenntag Canada Inc.
H. Douglas Goff               University of Guelph
Anne Goldman                ACCE International
Joshua Gong                   Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Allison Harper
Ann Manley                     The Ingredient Company
Jacquelynn Moody           OMAFRA
Yvonne Yuan                   Ryerson University
Anne Woo                       Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
International Liaison Committee

Jan Langton                    NRC-IRAP
Janice Baker                    Nestlé Purina PetCare
Anne Goldman                ACCE International
Richard Holley                 University of Manitoba
James Lee                       H & A Canada Inc.
Michèle Marcotte             Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Judith Meech                   International Union of Food Science
                                       and Technology
Jim Smith                        
Bio | Food | Tech

Student Affairs

Hayley Rutherford
Valerie Massel

Section Advisory Council

Belinda Elysée-Collen     International Sugars
Judy Chow                      Maple Leaf Consumer Foods
Yaw Dako                        Bio | Food |Tech
Christine Infilise              Quadra Chemicals
Hisham Karami                Alberta Health Services

Rob Kowal                      
Kriscor & Associates
Reena Mistry                  
Daiya Foods
Caroline Pellerin              3M Food Safety

Marc Poirier                     Sel Warwick
Vasantha Rupasinghe    
Nova Scotia Agricultural College
Peter Taylor                    Maxxam Analytics Inc

Aline Tezcucano             
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and
                                       Rural Initiatives

Web Site Task Force
Ed Charter                      Bio | Food | Tech
Angie Dueck                    SGS Canada
Ann Manley                     The Ingredient Company
Aline Tezcucano              Manitoba Agriculture, Food and
                                       Rural Initiatives

Scientific Expert Council Creation Task Force
Rotimi Aluko                    University of Manitoba
Steve Cui                        Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Carol Culhane                 International Food Focus Ltd.
Belinda Elysée-Collen     International Sugars
Gary Gnirss                     Legal Suites Inc.
Bob McDougall                Janes Family Foods Ltd.

Volunteer Program Implementation Task Force
Belinda Elysée-Collen     International Sugars
Milana Abra
Joanie Dion                     Lallemand-Institut Rosell
Jennifer Luo                    Gay Lea Foods
Kelly Shannon                 SVZ-USA
Aline Tezcucano              Manitoba Agriculture, Food and
                                       Rural Initiatives

Membership Marketing and Communications Task Force
Phillip Lee Wing              The Food Development Group
Rob Kowal                       Kriscor & Associates
Ann Manley                     The Ingredient Company
Jacquelynn Moody           OMAFRA
Jon Ogrylo                       Niagara College
Cristina Ratti                   Laval University

Subject Interest Divisions/
Strategic Planning Working Group #1

Steve Cui                        Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Hosahalli Ramaswamy    McGill University
Carol Culhane                 International Food Focus Ltd.
Gary Gnirss                     Legal Suites Inc.
Bob McDougall                Janes Family Foods Ltd.

Yvonne Yuan                   Ryerson University

Strategic Planning Working Group #2
Rotimi Aluko                    University of Manitoba
Julia Green-Johnson        University of Ontario Institute
                                       of Technology
Joy Shinn                        FOODTECH Canada
Vivian Sullivan                 National Research Council of Canada
Alphonsus Utioh              Food Development Centre

Strategic Planning Working Group #3
Belinda Elysée-Collen     International Sugars
Judy Chow                      Maple Leaf Consumer Foods
Yaw Dako                       
Bio | Food | Tech
Christine Infilise              Quadra Chemicals
Robert Kowal                  Kriscor & Associates
Nicole Rodrigue               Continental Ingredients Canada
Peter Taylor                    Maxxam Analytics
Aline Tezcucano              Manitoba Agriculture, Food 
                                       and Rural Initiatives

Strategic Planning Working Group #4
Phillip Lee Wing             The Food Development Group
Brigitte Boulais              Casco Inc. / GTC Nutrition
John Donnachie             Sensient Flavors Canada Inc.
Gail Ferrazzi                   L.V. Lomas Limited
Paul Hebbel                   Continental Ingredients Canada
Hisham Karami               Alberta Health Services

Valerie Massel
Cristina Ratti                
  Laval University
Hayley Rutherford
Kevin Segall                   Burcon NutraScience

Awards Committee
Charles Powell       Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Janice Baker         Nestlé Purina PetCare
Michael Gänzle      University of Alberta
Nicole Rodrigue     Continental Ingredients Canada
Jim Smith             Bio | Food |Tech

Nominating Committee
Charles Powell    Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Janice Baker       Nestlé Purina PetCare
Jan Langton       NRC-IRAP
Phillip Lee Wing  The Food Development Group
Jim Smith          Bio | Food |Tech

Atlantic Section
Yaw Dako                      Bio | Food | Tech
Marcia English 
H.P. Vasantha Rupasinghe
                                     Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Quebec Section
Marc Poirier               Sel Warwick
Carl Beaudoin             Quadra Chemical ltee
Xavier Bélanger
Sam Choucha             Univar Canada
Myriam Côté               Dealers Ingredients Inc.
Samuel de Tilly            Assesta
Mirela Dinu                 Alimentation Akita Food Inc.
Pierre Garand              Protein Ingredients International
Christine Infilise           Quadra Chemicals
Stéphane Lachambre    Ecom Food Industries Corporation
Patrick Larose             Univar Canada Ltd.
Emilie Pharand                 L.V. Lomas Limited
Nicole Rodrigue
            Continental Ingredients Canada
Kathleen Ross             Bell Flavours & Fragrances (Canada)
Marie-Christine Tessier Global Organics Ltd
Hélène Thiboutot            Consultant R&D alimentaire
Madeleine Tuinstra          Kerry Ingredients & Flavors

Ontario Section
Robert Kowal                  Kriscor & Associates
Melissa Beausoleil           Bonnie & Don Flavours Inc.
Diane Berthiaume           Cargill Health & Nutrition
Helen Beyers                  Harold T. Griffin Inc.
Stuart Braid                    Tate and Lyle
Chapman          Douglas Chapman and Associates Inc.
Shelley Crawford            Parmalat Canada
Arshia Khan                    Grain Process Enterprises Ltd.
Chen Ling                       University of Guelph
Marlene McClure             Food Technology Consulting
Heather Paterson           PSI Inc.
Carol Reed                      Thomas, Large & Singer Inc.
James Summers              Food Science Solutions
Maureen Taylor               The Ingredient Company
David Thomson               H & A Canada Inc.
Edie Zon  

Guelph Section
Judy Chow                      Maple Leaf Consumer Foods
Jennifer Luo                    Gay Lea Foods
James Lee                       H & A Canada Inc. 

Katie Ling 

Manitoba Section
Melissa Joaquin               Maple Leaf Foods Inc. 
David Adamik    
Rotimi Aluko                    University of Manitoba 
Katia Arrus                      Manitoba Agriculture, Food and
                                       Rural Initiatives
Trust Beta                       University of Manitoba 
Lisa Casper                     Food Development Centre 
Jiahui Geng    
Abraham Girgih               Department of Human
                                       Nutritional Sciences
Dagmara Head                Food Development Centre 
Neola Henry                    Source Nutraceutical, Inc. 
Praveen Johnson            University of Manitoba 
Abigail Legaspi                University of Manitoba 
Victor Lu                          Hemp Oil Canada Inc. 
Carol Nabanoba              Musoke Bio-systems Engineering 
Victoria Ndolo                  University of Manitoba 
Charles Powell
                Manitoba Agriculture, Food and
                                       Rural Initiatives (MAFRI)
Ganesan Ramalingam     Maple Leaf Consumer Foods 
Kevin Segall Burcon        NutraScience (MB) Corp.
Aline Tezcucano              Manitoba Agriculture, Food and
                                       Rural Initiatives
                                       University of Manitoba 

Alberta Section
Caroline Pellerin              3M Food Safety
Mirko Betti                       University of Alberta
Michael Gänzle                University of Alberta
Hisham Karami                Alberta Health Services
Hanna Zhao 

British Columbia Section
Reena Mistry                   Daiya Foods
Conroy                 Univar Canada Ltd.
Kendra Coutts
Michael Dolling
Angela Dueck                  SGS Canada
Karen Edgar
Erin Friesen                     University of British Columbia
Andrew Hou
William Hu
Brian Jang                       Maxxam Analytics
Amy Leung
Jenny Li                           Shafer-Haggart Ltd
Karl Li
Slew Fong (Felicia) Loo
Thu Pham                        Olympic Dairy Products
Nancy Ross
                     Ross Food Consulting, Inc
Gary Sandberg
Christine Scaman            University of British Columbia
Ian Smith
Nina Tan
Peter Taylor                    Maxxam Analytics Inc
Melanie Thomson
Julie Tom                         English Bay Blending
Daphne Tsai                    Soya World
Arosha Wijewickreme      SGS Canada Inc.

Membership Renewal Committee
Milana Abramovich  
Mirela Dinu                      Alimentation Akita Food Inc.
David Jordan                   Centerchem Inc. 
Chen Ling                       University of Guelph 
Caroline Pellerin             3M Food Safety 
Andrew Roberts       
Kelly Shannon                 SVZ-USA  
Aline Tezcucano              Manitoba Agriculture, Food and
                                       Rural Initiatives
Alphonsus Utioh              Food Development Centre
Brad Wolfe   

2014 IUFoST World Congress Organizing Committee

Rickey Yada                     Advanced Foods and
                                       Materials Network 
Thomas Tompkins           Institut Rosell Inc.
Louis Ayotte                   Windsor Salt
Janice Baker
                   Nestlé Purina PetCare
Joanie Dion                     Lallemand-Institut Rosell
Belinda Elysee-Collen     International Sugars Inc.
Phillip Lee Wing              The Food Development Group
Ann Manley                     The Ingredient Company
Michele Marcotte             Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Allan Paulson                  Dalhousie University

Nicole Rodrigue               Continental Ingredients Canada

Derick Rousseau             Ryerson University

Fellow Selection Committee
Rickey Yada            University of Guelph
Levente Diosady      University of Toronto
Richard Holley         University of Manitoba
Digvir Jayas            University of Manitoba
Elizabeth Larmond
Eunice Li-Chan       University of BC
Fereidoon Shahidi   Memorial Univeristy of Newfoundland






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