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How CIFST is Governed
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How CIFST is Governed

Board of Directors

CIFST is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the members.  The Board of Directors is empowered, through the By-laws of CIFST, to act on behalf of members in order to carry out the goals of CIFST.

The Board of Directors is comprised of:

  • President (also Chair of Executive Committee)
  • President Elect (member of Executive Committee)
  • Past President (Member of Executive Committee)
  • Director - Section Advisory Council Liaison
  • Director - Subject Interest Division Advisory Council Liaison
  • Director - Committee or Special Projects Liaison
  • Director - Committee or Special Projects Liaison
  • Executive Director (non-voting member)

Executive Director

National activities of CIFST are managed by the Executive Director.  The Executive Director's responsibilities include providing governance support to the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and Sections, as well as the coordination of National Committees, membership, communications and office operations.

National Committees

CIFST has a number of committees and task forces that help guide the activities of the Institute.  These committees provide volunteer opportunities for members, as well as influence the direction of CIFST.

Regional Sections

Regional Sections (chapters) of CIFST provide local programs, activites and networking for  members, including scientific and technical meetings, table top exhibits, plant tours, symposia, and social functions.  All Sections are governed by a volunteer management committee.  In additon, some Sections have a local staff co-ordinator.  

Sections of CIFST:

    • Atlantic
    • Province of Québec
    • Ontario
    • Manitoba
    • Alberta
    • British Columbia

Scientific Expert Panels

Scientific Expert Panels provide members in Canada and internationally with a forum to share expert views and information with peers on the following topics:  

  • Food Process Engineering
  • Government & Regulatory Affairs
  • Functional Foods & Nutrition
  • Food Safety & Microbiology
  • Product Development/Innovation & Marketing

International Connections

CIFST has many international members and liaises with a variety of international and scientific organizations, including:

  • International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST)
  • Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology (AIFST)
  • Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST), United Kingdom
  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), United States
  • New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology (NZIFST)
  • South Africa Association for Food Science and Technology (SAFoST) 

Canadian Connections

Within Canada, CIFST maintains a cooperative liaison with a number of organizations on matters of mutual interest, including:

  • Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
  • Health Canada

 Download History of CIFST (PDF)

 Download CIFST 50th Conference Historical Slide Show (PDF)


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