Ontario Section


Ann Manley – Managing Director
T : 519-212-7320
E : ontariosection@cifst.ca

October 31, 2019 - 07:00 am to June 01, 2020 - 05:00 pm
Delta Winnipeg by Marriott Hotel, Winnipeg, MB
June 03, 2020 - 12:00 pm to June 05, 2020 - 01:30 pm
Delta Hotel, Winnipeg, MB
Management Committee

Alex Powell - Chair

Organization: Powell May International
Position: Sr. Vice President

P: 905-206-7797
E: apowell@powellmay.cbpowell.com

Doug Chapman - Past Chair

Organization: Douglas Chapman and Associates Inc.
Position: President

P: 519-574-3096
E: doug@chapmanfoodconsult.com

Maureen Taylor - Treasurer

Organization: Quadra Ingredients
Position: Blending Facility Manager

P: 905-337-4243
E: maureen_taylor@quadra.ca

Ken Halnan - Vice Chair, Golf Tournament/Suppliers' Night/Membership & Industry Relations

Organization: Bonnie & Don Flavours Inc.
Position: Sales Manager, Marketing

P: 905-625-1813
E: khalnan@bdflavours.com

John Lillard - Technical Session/Suppliers' Night/Membership & Industry Relations

Organization: Campbell’s

P: 416-251-1131 x 8416
E: john_lillard@ca.campbellsoup.com

Marlene McClure - Technical Session

Position: Retired

P: 647-929-5416
E: marlene.mcclure@gmail.com

Heather Paterson - Wine & Food Celebration/Golf Committee/Membership & Industry Relations

Organization: Sensient Flavors
Position: Sales Manager

P: 647-524-9497
E: heather.paterson@sensient.com

Tina Ferderigos - Wine & Food Celebration/Suppliers' Night

Organization: L.V. Lomas
Position: Technical Sales

P: 416-888-5317
E: tferderigos@lvlomas.com

Jenny Tian - New Professionals Program/Suppliers' Night Volunteers

Organization: Bimbo Canada, Grupo Bimbo
Position: Product Developer

P: 519-829-0963
E: jennytian0105@gmail.com

Sophia Walter - Student Affairs New Professionals Program/Student Volunteers

Organization: Powell May International
Position: Technical Sales

P: 905-206-7795
E: swalter@powellmay.cbpowell.com

Ann Manley - Managing Director

Organization: CIFST Ontario Section
Position: Managing Director

P: 519-212-7320
E: ontariosection@cifst.ca